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Micro Savings

Micro savings are contributory saving plans where co-operative members contribute a fixed amount daily over a certain time period ranging from one month (30 days) to a year and earn interest over these contributions.

Co-operative members can either deposit their savings directly in their wallet, link up their bank account for automatic saving and can also request to have our agent collect your contributions.

Members with good saving records also get access to interest free loans.

We offer 4 plans under the micro-savings .

Basal 30

This is basically for those who want to save regularly for 30days.
You can save a minimum of N500 daily; however, there is no limit to how much you save each day.
Interest accrued every day from day 1 to day 30. However, you cannot withdrawal before 30 days.

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Basal 90

This saving plan runs for 90 days/ 3 month. This plan allows members to save a minimum
of N500 for at least 3 months.Interest on saving is 5%

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Basal 180

Desperate times may not require desperate actions because we have planned ahead for you by creating
a 6 month saving plan to help meet your long term financial goals.
You can get up to 11% when you save either daily, weekly or monthly for 6 months/180days.

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Basal 360

Be it that you are saving to pay your house rent, you want to buy a new car or go on vacation;
don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can get up to 25% when you save daily for 12 months.
You can start with a minimum of N500 daily and there is no limit to how much you can contribute.

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