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Frequently Asked about AFIDE

AFIDE is an acronym for Agricultural and Financial inclusion of Daily earners. It is Co-operative system’’ with the aim of ensuring that individuals can contribute towards food security and earn sustainable income from agriculture while they meet their financial goals.

a. benefit.

b. Life and accident Insurance.

c. flexible Loan saving plan.

d. Benefit from our Agricultural projects.

The funds are being ploughed into our various agricultural projects.

AFIDE runs 10 different packages. Namely: Micro-Savings Plan, Target Savings, Routine Savings, Locker, Business loans, Maestro Savings, Kopa’Shon, Retirement and Halal Savings plan.

The tenure for different saving plans/products varies from 1 month to more than 24 months.


There is no limit to how much you can contribute daily.

1 Months plan – X% Interest.

3 Months plan – 5% Interest.

6 Months plan – 11% Interest.

12 Months plan – 25% Interest.

The interest rate on other savings plans are stated above.

The interest will be calculated based on the number of days you contributed.

Within 3 working days (72 hours)

Yes. AFIDE is available to all and sundry.

No, the packages are opened to all and sundry.

You can check the ‘’Get loan’’ feature on our app to find out more on how to access loan.

Yes, you must have saved for a minimum of 3 months before you can get a loan.

You must have saved with us for at least 3 months and have a good credit history.

Up to 200% of the amount contributed for about 3 Months.

a. Quick loan b. Personal loan c. Business loan d. Salary-back loan.

A Co-operative Collector will collect funds from you or you can make payment online and your wallet will be credited automatically.

Yes, there is a mobile app to help you monitor your saving.

Yes, you can make your Co-operative payment ahead of time. you can either contribute daily, weekly or monthly.

Co-operators or subscribers can pay ahead weekly or monthly based on individual’s preferences.

Yes, you can apply for withdrawal of your saving and re-start again.

Yes, you can. The App makes it easy to withdrawal your savings interest while you start another saving cycle.

No. You must be required to complete you the tenure of your package and start another one or start another package while the initial package is currently running.

There is no limitation to the amount a subscriber can save daily.

Yes. We have various stories published on different platforms. You can follow us on all our social media platforms.