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a) To register, simply visit our website at and click on the sign up button.

b) Fill in your profile details and click register.

c) Upon registration, an OTP code would be sent to you by email and phone number to enable you verify your account.

d) Login to your account using the email address or phone number used in registration and your password.

e) Once you login, enter your OTP code and verify your account.

f) You can also verify your account by dialing the USSD code *347*233# on the number used in registration.

a) With a dedicated NUBAN account number, you can deposit money into your wallet seamlessly either through transfer from your mobile app or through deposit at any payment agent.

b) To setup your account number, simply login into AFIDE account, go to Wallet > Under Bank Transfer Details, Enter your BVN in the field below and click enter.

c) An account number would then be allocated to your through which you can fund your wallet directly.

a) We provide other means of funding your wallet seamlessly.

b) You can transfer money to your wallet through your dedicated account Number, simply copy the account number and paste in your banking app or visit a nearby agency banking outlet and transfer money into your accounts.

c) You can also fund your wallet with your ATM card, go to Wallet > Fund Wallet > Enter the amount you would like to transfer to your wallet > Select your preferred method of transfer.

a) Login to your AFIDE account.

b) Select Savings > Saving Plan > Select and Setup your desired savings plan.

a) To add your bank account, go to Wallet > Your Bank Details > Add Account.

b) Please note that your Bank Account name must match your Profile name.

a) To transfer money from your Wallet to your Account, you need to ensure you have added your bank account.

b) To withdraw to bank account, go to Wallets > Request Payout > Enter the amount you would love to withdraw (you cannot withdraw more than you have in your wallet ) > Make Request.

c) Your withdraw request would be processed in 42 hours.

a) To view a record of all your transactions go to Wallet > Wallet Transactions.

b) Here you see a list of all your transactions and can search for individual transactions.

a) To change your password go to Profile > Edit > Update password.

b) Enter your Old password and Your new password.

c) Once done click Update to setup a new password.

a) As a user you get a personal referral link and earn a referral bonus from this link.

b) To copy your link go to profile > Refer and Earn Bonuses.

c) You can copy the link or share on your social media.

d) Once your friends sign up and verify their account using your link, you earn a referral bonus.

e) You also earn a referral bonus when users enter your phone number during sign up.